About Us

To improve human health and well-being by decriminalizing and provide access to psychedelic plants and fungi through political and community organizing, education and advocacy.


We envision happier, healthier individuals and communities reconnected to nature and entheogenic plant and fungi traditions and practices.


MI Psychedelics neither condones nor condemns the use of psychedelics but intends to raise objective awareness about how psychedelics can be used therapeutically and in fields such as public and mental health, academia, science, spirituality, and harm reduction. This is not a new beginning but a continuation of a movement already brewing. Our objective is to facilitate its success in a responsible manner. We are committed to inclusivity, welcoming people of all ages, abilities, genders, ethnicities and sexual orientations and taking positive steps to encourage a diverse range at our meetings and events.

At MI Psychedelics our goal is for you to have the best experience possible! Our team of expert fungiculturists have selected the world’s best and most popular fungi to create our premium psilocybin blends. We believe in quality above everything, and grow our strains in-house at our state-of-the-art facility. Our products are carefully crafted to the highest safety standards, so we can ensure that you’re getting an accurate dose every time.

MI Psychedelics is the industry leader in reliability and safety in the psychedelics community. Never before has there been a more expert dedicated team focused on bringing the positive effects of psychedelics to the masses. Our delicious chocolates will bring the same ancient psychedelics used in rituals and ceremonies for a millennia straight to you in your living room. Whether you’re casually microdosing or tripping on a megadose, Shroomiez are the perfect extra dose of magic to your everyday life.

Our fungiculturists are experts in choosing the perfect fungi for their qualities, effects, and potencies. They test each individual harvest to determine the finest formula for our proprietary blends.


Our Team

Allan Jackson

Founder and CEO

Allan Jackson is MI Psychedelics CEO. He is the current CEO of Mi Psychedelics and also the Founder back then in 2018. Allan is a Masters degree holder in Micology and also a Psychedelic researcher from the University of Michigan. He has worked with many psychedelic research programs and movements.
So far Allan has been on the fore front of the study of how psychedelics helps humans . He is very science minded. He is constantly questioning and revising his beliefs while trying to understand others perspectives. He sees very few things in life as simply “black and white”. He often is ‘walking the tightrope’ between metaphysics and the material world.
He finds meaning and makes sense of life by practicing Bhakti yoga, self-awareness, and consciousness shifting modalities. Jack has a love for nature and the aesthetics of environments and spaces…the way our senses can evoke emotion, memories, and imagination. His path reminds him to strive to love everyone, serve everyone, and remember the divine permeating throughout everything.

Josh Anderson


Josh Anderson is a native of Michigan and graduate of Michigan State University. He is a big advocate for plant medicines and is humbled to be helping the movement.

He has worked in several vastly different industries over the years. As an artist, he worked in Hollywood for major studios and spent many nights singing at Jazz clubs. Josh dabbled in corporate start-ups and also worked at Apple Inc after the release of the first iPad. As Director and GM of Michigan Psychedelics, he helped build an amazing company, while also organizing fundraising and other events for psychedelic activism. After leaving the life of music, Josh joined up with Decriminalize Nature Ann Arbor in September 2018 to help see the business thrive. Since the birth of Mi Psychedelics, Jim has been part of the back bone behind its growth.


Alice Greco

Michigan Political Advisor

Former Ward One City Councilmember Alice  was one of the original champions and cosponsors of the unanimous September 2020 vote to decriminalize nature in Ann Arbor.  

A lifelong advocate for cognitive liberty, spiritual growth, and helpful public policies, Alice continues to work on the connections between our ecosystem, the economy, mental health, and sustainability.

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Chuck Ream

Michigan Politcal Advisor

Chuck Ream is the Executive Director of the Safer Michigan Coalition. He’s 33-year kindergarten teacher and 20-year elected Scio Township trustee. Chuck won medical marijuana for Ann Arbor in 2004, along with many other local city victories for cannabis policy reform. Chuck received High Times Magazine’s Lester Grinspoon Lifetime Achievement Award. He is a MI Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). A founding board member of “MILegalize”, he helped create the victory for cannabis legalization in Michigan in 2018. Chuck is currently working on adult social use policy for cannabis

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